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Thomas Torstrup is a Norwegian pianist, organist and composer from Stavanger. He attained a master’s degree after studying at NTNU in Trondheim. Torstrup has an impressive track of record both as a soloist and as sideman. In addition of being a great jazz pianist, he gives church concerts as an improvising organist, and is constantly searching to find alternative ways of playing and improvising on church organs. He released his first album as a composer in 2014, recorded by the sound legend Jan Erik Kongshaug in Rainbow Studio, together with Hanna Paulsberg, Trygve Fiske and Tore Sandbakken. The recent years he has released more albums as composer/pianist/organist, together with Heidi Skjerve and John Pål Inderberg/Martin Högberg. Torstrup is currently working at the University in Stavanger as an assistant professor. His next album,  “Two brothers” (with Thomas Torstrup Quartet) will be released in august 2021, on NXN recordings.


Released on NXN Recordings 20th of August 2021: 

"Det er lyrisk, smakfullt og med ei tydeleg mening og retning ′′

Torkjell Hovland, Jazznytt

"...varied and entertaining album, as it is characterized overall by transparency and lightness.." 


Check it out on Now´s the time Spotify Playlist "Ti tette" by Audun Vinger. 

Cover photo: Live Valen-Sendstad

Musicians: Thomas Torstrup (piano), Simen Kiil Halvorsen (trumpet), Stian Andersen (bass), Ivar Asheim (drums)

The songs on Two Brothers were recorded in New Tone Studio in Oslo in August 2019. The music is composed by Thomas Torstrup, and can be characterized as melodic jazz with an original touch and a wide palette of stylistic references. The sources of inspiration range from American jazz tradition to sacred music and Olivier Messiaen's universe. Thomas also find inspiration from sounds in nature as raindrops and wind, and the sound of children trying instruments for the first time!

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Photo: Kristine Jakobsen.Thomas Torstrup Quartet:  Simen Kiil Halvorsen, Ivar Asheim, Stian Andersen, Thomas Torstrup